Old Blue

An instrumental guitar version of the old folk song, “Old Blue,” recorded impromptu using Garage Band on the laptop, two tracks, each recorded using Telephone Vocal, then copied and pasted twice, for a total of six tracks, the pasted tracks each using a different Garage Band library voice (including Deeper Vocal, Dublin Delay, Surfin’ in Stereo, and Mystery Chorus). Check it out!


  1. Could be – I have three cats, and their name is blue. Love it.
    Was tempted to look for that song, and I found this adorable voice of Old Bill …

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Hey! Great version of Old Blue played by Old Bill. He’s got it down. Good find. So when you call the Blue cats, do any come? Or do they look at one another, like, She wants you.”


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