The Yachts

Before not long at all, Cajetan got caught in the capture spiral of the fancy riggings of yacht harbor life, seduced by marine varnish and well groomed boats, afternoon Long Island iced teas sipped on a securely docked deck, and untouchable ship’s daughters yearning, not to mention, to hear him tell it, a few ship’sContinue reading “The Yachts”

Postcard from Sylvie

I wandered over to the post office at Fort MacArthur to check General Delivery and found I had a postcard from Sylvie: Hi, G! With team in Japan 3rd day of 9 day whirlwind tour with 3 game series at the Hiroshima Stadium vs the Carp. Visited the Peace Memorial yesterday. Very sober. Team inContinue reading “Postcard from Sylvie”

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Surfer

She bops down to the beach to dance in the sand by the water the seaweed brittle and he trips aback and nearly falls like the drunken sailor in the shanty “Ho! No! Thar she blows!” She desires to dance politely he wants to throw the bottle into the waves they bouncing round two junksContinue reading “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Surfer”


“Loomings” is the title given this now completed painting, shown below in various work in progress stages. The piece is 24″ x 36″ x 1&1/2″. For the first time, I used Lukas Berlin “Water Mixable Oil Colour” paints. I did not mix in any water. Though I have wall-hung the painting, the paint is stillContinue reading ““Loomings””

“end tatters” 1st Review, and a Cover Revision

The first review of “end tatters” is in, received via cell phone text: “Finished End Tatters; especially liked About Confusion, Bells, and To Surf, which I hope to do this morning. Milk made me very sad. Waiting for your next novel. Alma and Penina my favorites.” To drive down, stop, and check out surf spotsContinue reading ““end tatters” 1st Review, and a Cover Revision”

Coast Road Trip: Inland Slant

South of Eureka, Highway 101 again turns inland, curling through more redwoods, passing through a few small towns. The road curves and curls through the tall woods and slants south-southeast away from the ocean, the trees gradually grow smaller and more sparse, the land opens up into rolling hills, and you enter wine country. TravelersContinue reading “Coast Road Trip: Inland Slant”

Coast Road Trip: A Body on the Beach

From our motel room, looking south/southwest, I could see Crescent Beach. A few surfers were out, but the waves looked very small, 1 or 2 feet. The water was glassy. There was no fog, the sun was coming up, and I went down to the lobby where I filled a paper cup with coffee andContinue reading “Coast Road Trip: A Body on the Beach”

Around the point at high tide

…picking up somewhere we left off… The past is not enough to live on to make ends meet. what test passed avoids stays to wheedle this incessant urge past the tinnitus still sings proof below like wave bounce go easy under the sheer cliff and around the mossy point to the bay where the dolphinsContinue reading “Around the point at high tide”

Toward a Rhetorical Ocean

When does a bummer become a hell? For the average surfer, an ocean with no waves is but a bummer of a morning. The lull will pass. Need to pull some maintenance on the surf rig, anyway. But one can’t escape the hell of other surfers when the swell does come in. “All those littleContinue reading “Toward a Rhetorical Ocean”