Whorled weary for this world’s woes worsened by winter’s whistling wicked wishes as worrying as this watch of one’s web life ebb, and if that’s not maudlin enough, sick of this car’s cough, too, its needy changes and fillings, its overheated tantrums, leaks, stalls, and traffic jams, the orange cones and potholes and all waysContinue reading “Whorlscope”

Mending Walk

     on and on the walk       the low wall climbing       of something not the walk and come       bestrewn the hill       a wall of lifted stone and come to a low          or down the hill       a noisy neighbor to a low wall built       ascending or descending       harmonica wall built of loose       so much depends      on blazingContinue reading “Mending Walk”

Division Alt Guitar & Junior Brown

Junior Brown plays an inventive, alternative guitar: method, form, and style. Brown is a rockabilly virtuoso, as in jazz guitar, Joe Pass was expert, where skill matures into virtue. Junior plays a custom designed and built two-neck guitar that he plays behind a stand rather than hanging from a strap around his shoulder. The setupContinue reading “Division Alt Guitar & Junior Brown”


Line 15 currently detours across the Hawthorne Bridge due to a temporary weight restriction on the Morrison Bridge, which is under repair. I hopped off the bus at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge, passed the Salmon Street Springs Fountain, and walked south along the Willamette to the eye clinic, just over a mile upriver. IContinue reading “Optotype”

Walking thru the park one day

One Hundred Concrete years In a body of water Two women walking One in turquoise taupe The other in peach mauve Briskly yelling into cell phones Their voices trailing off like crows Squirrelly trees stiffen tall tail stillness Writing is hard work, the experts tell us If a day is lost to writing the reasonContinue reading “Walking thru the park one day”

Juice and Joy

“What is all this juice and all this joy?” Gerard Manley Hopkins asks of Spring. And no sooner does he sing the push and fuss, the ballyhoo, of a sea sky blue slurred song of fresh thrushes than he announces the sound of a melancholy note, a bell of vespers, the turning of the promiseContinue reading “Juice and Joy”

Thoreau’s Bicycle

Fall falls. Footfalls squish and squash through redorangeyellow leaves, their green energy sucked back into roots, an understandable hoarding for the winter. The casual bicyclist dismounts for the season, buries the bike in the basement, perhaps intending to walk through the winter. We have come to rely on the automobile to our detriment: for carsContinue reading “Thoreau’s Bicycle”