Body Talk

Mr. Body awoke feeling poky. “It’s your diet,” Mrs. Body sd. “I eat the same crap as everybody.” “Just as you say.” “What are those gold chains about their necks all about?” “True that. Tiffany’s on steroids.” “What are the qualities of good plumbing?” “You don’t hear the pipes growling in the walls.” “No leaks, […]

Plumbing & Writing: A Review of the Literature (at the Toads)

One of these days, I’ll craft a post equal to one of my Dad’s plumbing jobs. Meantime, here are a few past posts that mention the improbable connection between writing and plumbing: Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life E. B. White and the Plumber The Elite and the Effete: From Access to Egress A Portrait of […]

The Postman Always Rings Twice, the Plumber Rarely More Than Once

I read a book this week, “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” There is no postman, but plenty of rings. The title page of my copy is stamped “WITHDRAWN,” and below that, “CIRCULATION STORAGE,” and above the publisher info., “SIERRA MADRE PUBLIC LIBRARY.” When a library “withdraws” a book, perhaps some helpful librarian might add a […]