Delete City

Welcome to Delete  City Without a Past Population: Zero. Your drive thru will be deleted upon Exit. But the place is bustling with buskers and hawkers walkers and tricksters, Bills and Hanks, Waynes and Millys, Saras and Dolittles, venues to eat, drink, shop til you drop, but No Accumulating.  Tune to KDEL for the latest […]

Silence, Memory

In Nabokov’s “Speak Memory,” remembrance becomes a narrator, and narrators are not to be confused with authors, even (perhaps especially) non-fiction narrators, and often not to be trusted, as memory is often impeachable. Narrators are often unreliable. To remember is to be mindful, to call to mind. The writer must silence memory, then speak. Mindful […]

Memories and Hallucinations, Real Nostalgia: Bill Bryson’s “The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid”

The notion things change fast doubles in intensity roughly every two days. It takes a couple of days for most changes to sink in. “Who moved the cat dish?” I ask, combing out dry crumbs from between my toes. “Oh, I changed that the other day,” Susan says. Moore’s law observed amplifying speeds doubling every […]