Bukowski and the Three Flies

From his father’s crap he falls into the bar and plops his basket down on a stool and asks for a tall Falstaff. Three flies fasten to him, ogling the brew. One runs her fingers through his thick brew and pules until he falls into her arms and she pulls him off his stout caskContinue reading “Bukowski and the Three Flies”

Lady Gaga Sitting Cross-legged on Her Gomden

Largess the monstress Lady Gaga sunscalds her saga Lady who? Lady Gaga, aka radio caca from Saginaw hitchhiked qua-qua down to Lollapalooza maga a funny thing happening on the way to pay paga and on her gomden she sings her hagiography Her saintly lady hagiography with still a lot more to saga heorte abut AmericaContinue reading “Lady Gaga Sitting Cross-legged on Her Gomden”

Heart’s Apron Sestina

Oozing down the sinuous sleeve the heart’s blood tempts the jackdaws to table to dine each bird a caddy for another’s purse whose ears exceed hearing and have eyes to eat who renounce not their heart’s guards but pronounce things with ease and clarity if left to their own corrections sop with erasure the heart’sContinue reading “Heart’s Apron Sestina”

Waltzing with a Loon to the Tune of a Whippoorwill

Henry’s loon waltzed into the room laughing laughing laughing at the phony moon rising over the pond-like screen laughing at Henry, at me, and at you too who scorned the whippoorwilled who loon-waltzed our way across the fall season who tweeted twitted twisted and tallyhoed on but what stilled the waters the antithesis of laughterContinue reading “Waltzing with a Loon to the Tune of a Whippoorwill”

The Twitterers (after Walter De La Mare’s “The Listeners”)

The Twitterers (after Walter De La Mare’s “The Listeners“) “Is there anybody following?” twitted the Twitterer, Twitting on the backlit laptop; And his cat in the silence watched the empty light of the screen Of the laptop’s infinite face. And an ad popped up out of a modal window, About the Twitterer’s eyes: He twittedContinue reading “The Twitterers (after Walter De La Mare’s “The Listeners”)”

Sestina’s Angel

Sestina falls prey to the sound silence of the Angel sitting in her lap playing with a ball of wireless a wireless webbed feline bureaucracy where pleas receive no reply and the sole sound is a silent catty wind and long days pass with nothing said of the terrible Rilke ranted something about beauty beingContinue reading “Sestina’s Angel”

Sestina’s Radio

My left speaker falsifies me, crackles, hisses, clichéd toad. I turn my right speaker to you. Surf wax fills the air, wave tubes squeezed tight. An unreal bird sings, pierces my ear with a ring, and to my radio welds me, night’s station holding tight, while in the surf singing toads fill the ringing airContinue reading “Sestina’s Radio”

Peccadilloes; or, The School of No Sestina

Peccadilloes; or, The School of No Sestina In the School of No, every word sounds a peccadillo, every class closes a cage, every cage captures a rule, every rule regards no with gusto. No bites yes with gusto behind a fence of words. No, no, no peccadilloes; that’s the rule in the land of cages.Continue reading “Peccadilloes; or, The School of No Sestina”

Big Dogs in Tall Grass

On the beach at Refugio we walked under palms through sea grass Small waves rolling off the point from curlers coiled and we’re Young and unafraid holding our long boards against our hips and in Summer surfers with yellow and green bangs and those days only a few dogs Peopled the campground under the fatContinue reading “Big Dogs in Tall Grass”

Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award

A country road. A tree. Against the tree a bicycle. Quick! Gogo! What the hey? I was sleeping! Why can’t you let me sleep, Didi? The need for your heinie’s beauty sleep notwithstanding, Surely you’ve not forgotten we are to be feted, you hopeless hobo. I could use a new pair of shoes, though IContinue reading “Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award”

Solstice Sestina: Whiteout on the Whiteboard in Winter

Whiteout on the Whiteboard in Winter The shadowless man in the center of winter drew nine snowmen leaving no shadow on the boardroom wall size whiteboard and sketched one goal as cold as snow nine snowmen into one who would wander. The snowmen started to wonder who in the whiteboard world would wonder such opportunityContinue reading “Solstice Sestina: Whiteout on the Whiteboard in Winter”