Waltzing with a Loon to the Tune of a Whippoorwill

Henry’s loon waltzed into the room laughing laughing laughing at the phony moon rising over the pond-like screen laughing at Henry, at me, and at you too who scorned the whippoorwilled who loon-waltzed our way across the fall season who tweeted twitted twisted and tallyhoed on but what stilled the waters the antithesis of laughter […]

The Twitterers (after Walter De La Mare’s “The Listeners”)

The Twitterers (after Walter De La Mare’s “The Listeners“) “Is there anybody following?” twitted the Twitterer, Twitting on the backlit laptop; And his cat in the silence watched the empty light of the screen Of the laptop’s infinite face. And an ad popped up out of a modal window, About the Twitterer’s eyes: He twitted […]

Solstice Sestina: Whiteout on the Whiteboard in Winter

Whiteout on the Whiteboard in Winter The shadowless man in the center of winter drew nine snowmen leaving no shadow on the boardroom wall size whiteboard and sketched one goal as cold as snow nine snowmen into one who would wander. The snowmen started to wonder who in the whiteboard world would wonder such opportunity […]