Notes on “je me touché,” 4 essays by Jeremy Fernando

je me touché, Jeremy Fernando, 2017, Paradiso Editores, Delere Press, 77 pages. Jeremy Fernando’s method of writing shows his acoustic, vibratory thinking, making connections, moving from one idea to another, enharmonic soundings, transported by his readings. In “je me touché” (it is i touch me – or, I me touch: I touch myself), he connects,Continue reading “Notes on “je me touché,” 4 essays by Jeremy Fernando”

Blest Be the Tie that Binds

One year, on a trip north from Los Angeles, we stopped off at the University of California at Santa Cruz campus to visit a married couple, both in graduate school studying computer programing. When I asked about their projects, one of the students said she was working on a component that would become part ofContinue reading “Blest Be the Tie that Binds”

Oblique Obligato

Moon fresh ribbon smooth platen ball dust sea Fastened to fish risk bamboo water chills Homespun shark teeth reek bark oil tea tree Screeched scrounge scrawn crested pinch ear reach thrills Stringing brew broils cooking pot catch read bin Critical swarm goat bearded bee attack Smoked fuzz moss yucky hot sunder skin Feet faintly sweet & ditties sour retractContinue reading “Oblique Obligato”

Not one but two needs relish sweet sorrow

Not one but two needs relish sweet sorrow. Wooden shoe wish new saga song bonnet? Purple flower here now gone tomorrow. One knows not lief, and if hair be sonnet, Wold eat polka dotted cotton culotte. Back seats escape too simple bounded rules, Schemes where at smart turn deer quickly departs, Shirking away from linkedContinue reading “Not one but two needs relish sweet sorrow”

Casual Theory of Causality

Why pink asks blue when roused whose wheeze where past just falls fails new any to augur When rash throws think unfolds, unwraps, uncoils relax what jeers who held and Wooden Clappers Don’t let go of drop though darkness rooms and voices blink three coins in a phone booth At gas stop stuffed outside GilroyContinue reading “Casual Theory of Causality”

On Description

Embedded in most descriptions is a prescription, instructions for viewing, boundaries stipulated and promoted. What might look at first glance objective enough turns around and around on an axis of theory. Qualifications: from a distance; in the waning light of a neon-like moon; on a particularly hot, steamy day, out of season. Adjectives and adverbsContinue reading “On Description”