a simple moon once worth two bits now a bucket of silver dollars won’t buy a room with a hotplate view of the polluted lake. when all universe was still local we slept in the sky now moving stairs carry off the awful. the moon we have lights a dark gold daylily closed the mopeContinue reading “Inflation”

Center of Totality

Between you and the solarium this hottest of summer mornings cools a path across the countryside an eye floater moon receding in the salt tide of shrunk space as you wait in your circle rooted in angst for the darkness to dissolve. What old fear draws you here to this perfect sphere, the moon youContinue reading “Center of Totality”

Oblique Obligato

Moon fresh ribbon smooth platen ball dust sea Fastened to fish risk bamboo water chills Homespun shark teeth reek bark oil tea tree Screeched scrounge scrawn crested pinch ear reach thrills Stringing brew broils cooking pot catch read bin Critical swarm goat bearded bee attack Smoked fuzz moss yucky hot sunder skin Feet faintly sweet & ditties sour retractContinue reading “Oblique Obligato”

On the Moon

A group of moonstruck locals climbed to the top of the park Sunday night to view the rising of the super moon. In Italo Calvino’s short story “The Distance to the Moon “ (1965), the characters climb to the moon from Earth using ladders: “Climb up on the moon? Of course we did. All you hadContinue reading “On the Moon”