The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)

The house is not a mysterythat’s made from trees and historyfrom every old nook and crannyyou hear the voice of a nanny. Papa pops up to make earlythe coffee and lets out Zoethe cat points like a unicornthe approach of a vacuum horn. The grand girls all day playpretend puzzles of their worldwhile the boardContinue reading “The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)”

Summer Notes: 7 – Shoeless

Discalced order of children running aground barefoot, the beach sand so hot we flip flopped like fish out of the water close at hand. When you did not know what a thing was, you gave it a name, then you knew it. Flip-flops went everywhere, named for their sound, rubber sole held to the frontContinue reading “Summer Notes: 7 – Shoeless”

Summer Notes: 4 – Water

These awkward weedy notes of summer, they steal water from the subtle artful crafty ones, the ones crammed with food and hose drenched, and yes, fruit-bearing they’ll be, and well spent. The mollycoddle promises a bumper crop this year, but what will be done with it all? They can can the coddle, bottle the molly,Continue reading “Summer Notes: 4 – Water”

Summer Notes: 1 – Baseball

Run now down the dreary drowning droning cheers of summer under yellow umbrellas American baseball under rain A last blue light in the little lilac and raspberries wandering and falling spray of pop flies Sun slips between clouds squeeze play cat sitting on cedar deck gives backward glance White stone paper cup empty beer jangleContinue reading “Summer Notes: 1 – Baseball”

Packsaddle Off

what is this sound sprinkling glow yellow doilies weaving thru blue fescue glass chandelier worm atrium air city surf gas soup & jazz salad sitting under dwarf apple waiting, waiting, wanting nothing save green this wait as Thoreau’s Wangle Dangle backyard rhetoric drinking can of Okanagan Spring: “natural, simple, & pure” pale ale & allContinue reading “Packsaddle Off”

Susan Among the Zen Monks in the Gorge

One summer, we drove into the Gorge to view the falls. There are several falls along the way. Multnomah Falls is the tallest, and is now a major tourist attraction, complete with gift shop, food carts, and a fancy restaurant where a few years ago Rachel Ray filmed a segment of a food show. SummerContinue reading “Susan Among the Zen Monks in the Gorge”