What Shall We Do With a Drunken Surfer

She bops down to the beach to dance in the sand by the water the seaweed brittle and he trips aback and nearly falls like the drunken sailor in the shanty “Ho! No! Thar she blows!” She desires to dance politely he wants to throw the bottle into the waves they bouncing round two junksContinue reading “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Surfer”

This bud was for you

Across the street from the Estate Sale, there’s talk if it’s a teardown, while a couple of bushtits build a hanging nest in a paperbark maple, coming and going through the perfect hole at the top of the sack woven with string, spider web, tiny twigs and grassy strands yarned around. “Go easy,” she yearned.Continue reading “This bud was for you”


Whorled weary for this world’s woes worsened by winter’s whistling wicked wishes as worrying as this watch of one’s web life ebb, and if that’s not maudlin enough, sick of this car’s cough, too, its needy changes and fillings, its overheated tantrums, leaks, stalls, and traffic jams, the orange cones and potholes and all waysContinue reading “Whorlscope”

Belly List

Sucking on garlic buttery snails, after shooting a Bandersnatch on Crete, drinking a cup of French Alps chestnut-colored wine. We had just jumped from a small airplane, freefalling in a creeping phlox sky losing petals over the hot green valley evening, landing somewhere in France or Italy – we weren’t sure our exact location. WeContinue reading “Belly List”

Flaubert’s “A Simple Heart”

What is the “relation between literature and life” in Flaubert’s “A Simple Heart”? Maybe just this, that they both might move us to tears. But moving readers to tears may not have been Flaubert’s intent. If readers want to be moved to tears, all they need do is hit the streets, where reality resides, orContinue reading “Flaubert’s “A Simple Heart””