Fallout and Fall In

The hidden room, while abandoned, was hardly a secret. Everyone at Hotel Julian knew about it. As I had guessed, it was built during the hotel reconstruction phase in the late 1940’s. Designed to function as a nuclear fallout shelter, the room was built by Minerva’s late husband, who had died not from fallout, butContinue reading “Fallout and Fall In”

Conversation with Minerva

Across the hidden room (no longer secret now that I and Zoeasta had broken the code) the back door opened onto a giant spider web blocking a small opening in the annulus surrounding a wellbore encased with cement. I had wondered about the absence of spiders as I had worked my way from the basementContinue reading “Conversation with Minerva”

Zoeasta and the Hidden Room

Zoeasta, one of the range free cats living about Hotel Julian, disappeared, and it was assumed she picked a spot to give birth to her litter. I found her in a box licking five closed eyes kittens when I returned with a flashlight to the storage room in the basement under the grocery to continueContinue reading “Zoeasta and the Hidden Room”

Birdbrain, Bird-witted, and more on Thought

Reflecting yesterday afternoon on my morning post, “On the Coast Starlight,” in which I suggested thought, if we are to try to compare it to anything, seems more bird-like than the train of thought first found in Thomas Hobbes’s 1651 “Leviathan,” I thought, to force thought onto a track where ideas are coupled one afterContinue reading “Birdbrain, Bird-witted, and more on Thought”

The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)

The house is not a mysterythat’s made from trees and historyfrom every old nook and crannyyou hear the voice of a nanny. Papa pops up to make earlythe coffee and lets out Zoethe cat points like a unicornthe approach of a vacuum horn. The grand girls all day playpretend puzzles of their worldwhile the boardContinue reading “The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)”

The Cat Music Critic

I’ve noticed when I pick up the guitar and the cat Zoe is hanging out, she’ll scurry off to a quieter corner. Cats have excellent ears. Yesterday, home from the afternoon music theory class I’ve been taking, I organized my notes and handouts, reviewing each page. I left the pages in neat piles on theContinue reading “The Cat Music Critic”

Summer Notes: 3 – The Morning Nap

Catnap back to wind-sun rush kick in the eye fire-worked over street cools quiet hush Grace comes with natural light patches of prayer breezes in the hither and thither of dry leaves palms up elbows open frazzled knees and a calico cat in green sky white bells crawls over out door cot jumps through squareContinue reading “Summer Notes: 3 – The Morning Nap”