At the Intersection of Above and Below Ground

Geomicrobiologists now claim life underground exceeds in size, diversity, and span life above ground. What is life? It might be easier to simply say Earth is alive, all of it, including the rocks. And does extraterrestrial life exist? Well, we exist, we think. It now appears planets are living beings. Universe is alive. And that’s…

Sitting Out: Painting in Progress

Portlanders love to sit out. At sidewalk cafes, outside pubs, in their yards or drives. On porches, decks, balconies. In parks. On special occasions, neighbors will close their street to cars so they can sit out in the middle of the block at improvised tables in whatever chairs seem to turn up. The atmosphere of…

Still Life

On the table a yellow bowl green apple red pear fuzzy pink    peach blue-green    ba nana All as verbless as the bibelots all in nice rows of yore Nana’s touchless glassed shelf.

Ping Ear

One advantage of painting over writing, there needn’t be words. Where is there writing without words? I want to read that.    

Baseball and the run-on sentence

Sentence lines to right, rounds first, and pauses, runs on, and Comma throws short relay to Dash – who looks Sentence back to first, running the ball into the infield, Sense feels his way to the mound, one on, nobody out, in the bottom half of the first.

Word Put Upon Word

“Stone put upon stone and chamber beside chamber” D’Arcy Thompson “Mud put upon mud, lifted to make room,” Robert Creeley word    hod    put upon  house word  shell  soma stone put  upon stone   put log upon log cube upon cube  pier upon pier unit upon unit post up & unus put upon unus…

Rothko at the Portland Art Museum

The Rothko installation yesterday at the Portland Art Museum felt claustrophobic. The fabric covered faux walls created a maze of high vertical columns separated by narrow horizontal spaces, forcing the large Rothko paintings, which I’d been curious to see close up and in person, too close to one another, like pictures taped to the wall…