Packsaddle Off

what is this sound sprinkling glow yellow doilies weaving thru blue fescue glass chandelier worm atrium air city surf gas soup & jazz salad sitting under dwarf apple waiting, waiting, wanting nothing save green this wait as Thoreau’s Wangle Dangle backyard rhetoric drinking can of Okanagan Spring: “natural, simple, & pure” pale ale & all […]

Dear Reader: “Charming Gardeners,” by David Biespiel

There used to be a public telephone booth down on the corner from our place, the kind the caller entered through a panel glass door and dropped coins into the phone, outside the cleaners, across from the realtor’s office, the street corner just a dot of commercial activity in an otherwise residential neighborhood. The telephone […]

Leslie Fiedler and the Either/Or Fallacy of Poetic Criticism

Perhaps there are only two kinds of poetry, still only two kinds of poems. Dichotomy makes for easy argument by eliminating all other possible alternatives. We often hear there are two schools of thought, and any ambiguity is quickly brushed away. The one poetry might be represented by T. S. Eliot, and is characterized by […]