This is another table poem – the words and lines formatted within the rectangles of a table inserted into a document. The table consists of 5 columns and 21 rows. A kind of counterpoint is created when the poem is read horizontally, vertically, diagonally. Formatting widgets (spacing, alignments left or right, cuts, etc.) have beenContinue reading “Counterpoint”

Ires & Ears & Reader Satisfaction Survey

Instructions: Read each row left to right, then, in each empty cell in the first column, insert a word that irks you. In the corresponding empty cell in the far right column, insert your irky word’s opposite. If you can’t think of a word that irks you, insert a word that feels good to yourContinue reading “Ires & Ears & Reader Satisfaction Survey”

Vowel Motion & Consonant Commotion

Vowel Motion accelerate encyclopedia inch along oval verbs Uranus Your > yr wave  ~ func funa  [this space left blank] fank fenk fink Fonk funk  [purposelessly] California Faulkner Mississippi Oak Grove Umbrella  #dearjohn Adieu Aeiou – Ah, You! Consonant Commotion Click and clack bicycle rack tongue and tooth cat myrrh-th parts, spokes and wheels synthContinue reading “Vowel Motion & Consonant Commotion”

Scamble and Cramble Find Readers

“Scamble and Cramble: Two Hep Cats and Other Tall Tales” is finding readers with enthusiastic response. I gave ZZ a proof copy to test the waters. She dug it, and smiled when she saw the dedication page, and started in reading immediately, and when she got to the song, nothing would do but she hadContinue reading “Scamble and Cramble Find Readers”

Deconstruction & Design

In the process of deconstruction we discover new ideas. We need not start with a design in hand. We don’t necessarily need a plan. Unless, of course, there is some destination we are particularly interested in, we need to get to. If that’s the case, we’ll usually find ourselves on the wrong path, wrong wayContinue reading “Deconstruction & Design”

A Concrete Poem at VERStype

The concrete poem, “A Visual Depiction of the Chapter ‘On a Surfboard in Santa Monica Bay,’” published yesterday by VERStype, is an illustration that might appear somewhere in the sixth chapter of “Penina’s Letters,” were the novel a comic book. There are no words in the poem. The poem is composed primarily of tildes. “AContinue reading “A Concrete Poem at VERStype”

Flashing Lights and Random Noise in the City of the Brain

The ophthalmologist asked if I was still seeing the flashing lights. Rarely, but hard to predict. So the brain has gotten used to them, and is ignoring them, she said, and I immediately wondered why that same brain couldn’t ignore the tinnitus sounds also. Sophisticated sound systems increase chances of distraction from random noise. IfContinue reading “Flashing Lights and Random Noise in the City of the Brain”

Lost on Me – Fables Sans Morals

Some time ago, a friend mentioned driving north on I-5 with California plates and being pulled over by the local highway patrol around Olympia. “In Washington,” the patrolman said, “we like to think of the speed limit as more than a mere suggestion.” Apparently, the self-satisfaction rewarded from this afflatus meant that all the moreContinue reading “Lost on Me – Fables Sans Morals”

Photograph of Providence Urgent Care Waiting Room at Noon

Waiting room Center seat Back to window Squeeze my fingers Under a bitter blanket Opposite counter Vertigo Where? Merry-go-round stops. Wall clock running backwards You seem to have crossed some divide, a distance between following expectations and surprising the reference books on shelves marked Must Remain in Reference Room: No Check Outs – For ScholarsContinue reading “Photograph of Providence Urgent Care Waiting Room at Noon”