Coast Road Trip: Sans Pics

A perspicacious reader asked why I haven’t posted any pics from the road trip. I’m working on moving toward a new kind of blog, more like the one I started, back in December of 2007, which contained no pics, just short bursts of writing pleasure. I had in mind the kind of posts the venerableContinue reading “Coast Road Trip: Sans Pics”

Winter Solstice Walk

Cold. Wet and damp. Dark. Slippery walk in Mt Tabor Park, where the trees appear ready for the winter solstice. The reservoirs, built with new Portland Cement techniques in the early 1900’s, until recently, held the city’s drinking water. A new, enormous underground tank was built and the reservoirs disconnected. What to do with themContinue reading “Winter Solstice Walk”

SE Portland Triathlon Photo Essay

For the first leg of my triathlon event yesterday, I boarded Line 15 and rode down to the river, disembarking at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge. I sat in the last seat of the bus, in the left corner, with this week’s New Yorker fiction issue. I had read on the bus stopContinue reading “SE Portland Triathlon Photo Essay”


Line 15 currently detours across the Hawthorne Bridge due to a temporary weight restriction on the Morrison Bridge, which is under repair. I hopped off the bus at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge, passed the Salmon Street Springs Fountain, and walked south along the Willamette to the eye clinic, just over a mile upriver. IContinue reading “Optotype”

Word Pics

Turtle butterfly rock Petunia seashell ceramic pot candle wire stand Gas meter downspout blue slate red bricks green hose Blue wall with painted white wood door with window of six small glass panes framed Electric meter “Nutone” metal stove exhaust fan duct double spotlight wall fixture no bulbs wires grub green fern blue green blueContinue reading “Word Pics”

Special Host Spring Yard Photo Post

We’re going on a yard walkabout to check out Spring progress. This raspberry red rhododendron is a favorite, the way it fills the window, but it always makes me want some raspberry ice cream. I don’t know why, but I get these urges to take a giant bite off a raspberry bloom.  You know you’reContinue reading “Special Host Spring Yard Photo Post”

East Side Mt Tabor Photo Essay Walk

The sidewalks in what used to be called Tabor Heights, on the north slopes of Mt Tabor, were poured in the early 1900’s. The dates are marked on the curbs, but many of the dates are being lost to code enforcement requiring homeowners to fix broken concrete in their sidewalks. Curbs rounding corners were bandedContinue reading “East Side Mt Tabor Photo Essay Walk”