Postcard from Sylvie

I wandered over to the post office at Fort MacArthur to check General Delivery and found I had a postcard from Sylvie: Hi, G! With team in Japan 3rd day of 9 day whirlwind tour with 3 game series at the Hiroshima Stadium vs the Carp. Visited the Peace Memorial yesterday. Very sober. Team inContinue reading “Postcard from Sylvie”

Hacked and Gobsmacked

Late for a meeting. “extreme and unusual risk.” “hacked and…gobsmacked” I was late for my meeting with Walter. I had some explaining to do, but I wasn’t in the mood for working together as a team in the spirit of cooperation toward common goals for the mutual benefit of all. Nor did I feel likeContinue reading “Hacked and Gobsmacked”

The gods Get Bored

Riding Harley in the rain in Seattle. Ball lightning. The gods. I throttled my green gnarly Harley across I-90 from Bellevue, wind chopped waves blowing over the wall on the south side of the bridge, the water as smooth as a coffin lid on the north side. I raddled through the last tunnel and mergedContinue reading “The gods Get Bored”

Baseball, the Canned Crowd, and the F Word

At first, I couldn’t find the Dodgers on TV last night, the second game in a series with the Giants in Los Angeles beginning the 2020 shortened season; apparently wasn’t available on the MLB channel in Portland. The Mariners were on the local Root Sports channel, and I was glad to hear the same folksContinue reading “Baseball, the Canned Crowd, and the F Word”

The Dream of Baseball

“And the phantom crowd’s horrific boo dispersed the gargoyles from Notre Dame.” “Dream of a Baseball Star,” Gregory Corso, from The Happy Birthday of Death, 1960 Yesterday, July 23, was opening day of the pandemic delayed Major League Baseball season. That’s about four months later than normal. The abnormal, short 60 game season is underway.Continue reading “The Dream of Baseball”

Summer Notes: 1 – Baseball

Run now down the dreary drowning droning cheers of summer under yellow umbrellas American baseball under rain A last blue light in the little lilac and raspberries wandering and falling spray of pop flies Sun slips between clouds squeeze play cat sitting on cedar deck gives backward glance White stone paper cup empty beer jangleContinue reading “Summer Notes: 1 – Baseball”

Raspberries and Baseball

A bowl of vanilla ice cream as white as the apple of your eye. Topped with nine lost in the wild red raspberries. Game-Time Weather: Fresh yellow of daisies, not the father orange of July, nor the old man red-orange of August, or still older bleached-orange of Fall, not the infant one of March, but the teeming oneContinue reading “Raspberries and Baseball”

Baseball Pitch Sequence Tracking and Guitar Chord and Scale Illustrations

Watching the baseball playoffs, garage and basement guitar aficionados may notice the similarity between baseball pitch tracking and guitar chord and scale illustrations. A kind of visual metaphor conflates the two methods of viewing a sequence stilled for analysis. The following tables illustrate a five pitch sequence that parallels a B minor 7th flat 5Continue reading “Baseball Pitch Sequence Tracking and Guitar Chord and Scale Illustrations”