El Porto, 1969

Santa Monica Bay, water like lead ladled from a plumber’s melting pot. Fog spills oily blue foam fills with air, pulls some green under. Close in, swells steam and foam, a salty dough of seaweed. Waterers wax boards, paddle out north end at 45th Street, first smoky light, shadows of refinery plant, dunes still in shade,Continue reading “El Porto, 1969”

Roddy Doyle’s “The Guts”

They were sitting in the living room, sharing stuff. – Your man Roddy Doyle has a new book. – I don’t have a man. – It’s just an expression. It’s Irish. – Are there any Sheas in the new book? – That’s El Porto Irish. – What’s my man’s new book about? – Your manContinue reading “Roddy Doyle’s “The Guts””

Two Ocean Surfing Poems at Berfrois – and a gallery of old ocean photos

“Ray, 1956” and “Watermarks from a Night Spring,” two poems with themes of the ocean, surfing, and working, were posted at Berfrois a couple of days ago, along with a few old surf photos. Paddle on over to Berfrois and check out the surf poems. And below find a gallery with more photos from the lateContinue reading “Two Ocean Surfing Poems at Berfrois – and a gallery of old ocean photos”

Watermarks from a Night Spring

Embers of a partially burned ocean In a box in a dank basement molting notes A weathered surfer slowly descends the creaking Worn stairs, dark swells yawning Fish eyed and barnacle knuckled he climbs Finds and opens the box, peers in, smells the pages Runs salted fingers over the raised words Rusting paper clips, chiseledContinue reading “Watermarks from a Night Spring”

To the Reader Staring at a Paywall

Behind this wall of paper lives a poem no subscription will reveal. The poem is invisible. No journal can hold this poem. There is no log-in, no fee, no access, yet the poem is free. The words spill into the paper like seawater over a levee. This poem must be imagined. Later, after the readerContinue reading “To the Reader Staring at a Paywall”

New Excerpt from “Penina’s Letters” at the Boulevard

An excerpt from Chapter Six, “Light and Sculpture from a Surfboard on Santa Monica Bay,” from the novel Penina’s Letters, is now up in Issue # 5: Special Issue: Liberation, of The Boulevard, a publication of the Attic Institute. Related Posts: Penina’s Letters at The Boulevard. “Penina’s Letters”: Hawthorne Fellows at the Attic Institute.

“Penina’s Letters” at The Boulevard

A short excerpt from Chapter Two, “The Truth of Things,” from Penina’s Letters, a novel in progress, is now up at The Boulevard, a publication of the Hawthorne Fellows at the Attic Institute: A Haven for Writers. Click here to read “The Truth of Things.” I’m a Hawthorne Fellow at the Attic Institute for the period AprilContinue reading ““Penina’s Letters” at The Boulevard”

Ocean Surfing Photos From the Late 1960’s

I went outside to grab this morning’s paper and the air smelled and felt like the ocean, warm but a bit wet, a “marine layer,” the weather folks call it, and I was reminded of early June mornings in the South Bay, getting up to “go surfing,” and thought I’d pull some old photos, forContinue reading “Ocean Surfing Photos From the Late 1960’s”