Blest Be the Tie that Binds

One year, on a trip north from Los Angeles, we stopped off at the University of California at Santa Cruz campus to visit a married couple, both in graduate school studying computer programing. When I asked about their projects, one of the students said she was working on a component that would become part ofContinue reading “Blest Be the Tie that Binds”

Seven Days in May Not; or, A New Lord’s Prayer

Our Potus who hides us from sea to lake crisis hollow is your name. Thy Kingdom rots from east evidence storms to trans west fires. Feed us our daily diversions. Forgive us our not tots as we forgive those who abandon us. And lead us not into fees and tolls, but deliver us our lowlyContinue reading “Seven Days in May Not; or, A New Lord’s Prayer”

The Flags of Our Dispositions

Some talk again about the end of this world but yr rapture might not be his rapture & maybe he’ll be happy as hops to see you go. Kneel, stand, or dodge the show weekend TV questions for the status quo diversion plays reductio ad absurdum the flags of our dispositions. More disposed to pleaseContinue reading “The Flags of Our Dispositions”

Body of Christ and Body Politic: Notes on Luke J. Goble’s “Worshiping Politics: Problems and Practices for a Public Faith”

In one of the early scenes of H. G. Wells’s “The Time Machine,” the Time Traveler discovers a group of Eloi lounging in the sun by a small river, bathing in the shallows. One of them, Weena, cramps and is caught in a rapid, and is in danger of drowning, but her screams are ignored.Continue reading “Body of Christ and Body Politic: Notes on Luke J. Goble’s “Worshiping Politics: Problems and Practices for a Public Faith””

Fantasy Democracy: Notes on Capital, Politics, and Voting

Louis Menand’s “The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University” (2010) questions why forms of higher education have been so intractable against change. One reason suggested is the surprising conservatism revealed of professors as a group, surprising because professors are often associated with more liberal stances and presumed to understand the connectionsContinue reading “Fantasy Democracy: Notes on Capital, Politics, and Voting”

The Political Fray Replay

What does it mean to “vote one’s conscience”? Isn’t the conscience that comfortable place where sleeps one’s presuppositions, unquestioned assumptions, background biases, wishes, wants, and whimsy? James Joyce was three months old when in May of 1882 two high-level government men associated with British rule were assassinated in what came to be called the PhoenixContinue reading “The Political Fray Replay”

Poetics and Politics: Notes on “Poets for Corbyn,” a Berfrois e-Chapbook

Is poetry a sturdy platform for political action? Aren’t poets the ones following rabbits down holes? Jumping into ponds to hug moons? Talking blather and twittering sentiments to one another across an inky night? Politicians often twist tongues, glossolalia filling their cheeks, but what they speak is not usually considered poetry. “Poets for Corbyn,” another e-chapbookContinue reading “Poetics and Politics: Notes on “Poets for Corbyn,” a Berfrois e-Chapbook”

“Politics and the English Language”

In “Politics and the English Language” (1946), George Orwell advises “never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.” Perhaps Orwell didn’t go far enough; a total abstinence from metaphor might be more effective. Orwell recommended checking against the rule when one might be “in doubt”Continue reading ““Politics and the English Language””