Baseball, the Canned Crowd, and the F Word

At first, I couldn’t find the Dodgers on TV last night, the second game in a series with the Giants in Los Angeles beginning the 2020 shortened season; apparently wasn’t available on the MLB channel in Portland. The Mariners were on the local Root Sports channel, and I was glad to hear the same folksContinue reading “Baseball, the Canned Crowd, and the F Word”

Notes on Jessica Sequeira’s “Rhombus and Oval”

Notes on Jessica Sequeira’s “Rhombus and Oval” (117 pages), 2017, What Books Press, The Glass Table Collective, Los Angeles: “Rhombus and oval” is the title of the lead piece in this collection of stories by Jessica Sequeira, a translator of Spanish and French and a writer. The text of twenty-one stories runs 112 pages, eachContinue reading “Notes on Jessica Sequeira’s “Rhombus and Oval””

Sidewalk Cafe Table Paper Napkin Poems

Afternoon walk close in and find a cafe with sidewalk tables to sit out with an espresso, on watch and wait. Wait for some light that might soon start to seep through a cracked world. World War II and the Nazi army advances on Paris. You can hear artillery fluster the banlieues. Do you tryContinue reading “Sidewalk Cafe Table Paper Napkin Poems”

The Political Fray Replay

What does it mean to “vote one’s conscience”? Isn’t the conscience that comfortable place where sleeps one’s presuppositions, unquestioned assumptions, background biases, wishes, wants, and whimsy? James Joyce was three months old when in May of 1882 two high-level government men associated with British rule were assassinated in what came to be called the PhoenixContinue reading “The Political Fray Replay”

Poem for Ones Who Know One When They See One

What W. H. Auden said “In Memory of W. B. Yeats,” not modified in the “guts” or on the blog: “For poetry makes nothing happen: it survives” so there it is, no one need worry. “Encore! Encore! More! More!” OK, ok, settle down; this is no time for pathos, but, “Wild nights – Wild Nights!”Continue reading “Poem for Ones Who Know One When They See One”

Privacy Poem

Where do we get this notion of privacy? Is privacy a value, or is privacy a virtue? If privacy is a value, it’s simply a worth we want, and what we want is not always what is good for us: we want alcohol, tobacco, and firearms; fast cars with sound so loud we need earplugs;Continue reading “Privacy Poem”

Poetics and Politics: Notes on “Poets for Corbyn,” a Berfrois e-Chapbook

Is poetry a sturdy platform for political action? Aren’t poets the ones following rabbits down holes? Jumping into ponds to hug moons? Talking blather and twittering sentiments to one another across an inky night? Politicians often twist tongues, glossolalia filling their cheeks, but what they speak is not usually considered poetry. “Poets for Corbyn,” another e-chapbookContinue reading “Poetics and Politics: Notes on “Poets for Corbyn,” a Berfrois e-Chapbook”

Mkgnao!9: Alien Cats from Outer Space (A Minidrama)

Abducted by alien cats from outer space and whisked away to a faraway planet then shot back to Earth from a circus cannon cocked with physicist rubber string theory, a cat cannonball, Scamble tries to interest Cramble in a tabloid worthy extraterrestrial tale! Cramble: [Silence] Scamble: “And you have nothing to say?!” Cramble: “Does thisContinue reading “Mkgnao!9: Alien Cats from Outer Space (A Minidrama)”

A Cat’s Argument

“Aren’t you hot sitting on that heater vent?” “Alas, summer so fast has passed.” “Yawn. Fall curls my tail and bristles my fur. Just yesterday you were complaining of the heat and wondering if summer would never end.” “Shelley was right: ‘We look before and after and pine for what is not.’” “I once livedContinue reading “A Cat’s Argument”