Madwort & Other Essential Oils

Your favorite pot this

study now
a single bee
powder tease

sigh breeze

a list
of things
to do

such a tiny weight
like a baby
in a swing
a spider string

blue flowers
light steps
portentous portfolio
after evening
of Inherent Vice

as the bee busy transpires
bloom, bloom
lobularia maritime

“by the sea, by the sea
by the beautiful sea”

milks this moment
line by line
for you
to make honey

when blissful bee lands
on tipsy flower
branch, soft strand

bee breeze blows blue dust

never get much
done in this
common loveliness
this stillness this
bee’s momentous

red & white
orange wings
ocher clay
pot broken

this sitting
of course
this entry
this walk
some pics
this post
before you
get out
of bed

these lines

may recede
like the bee
by the sea


  1. Dan Hen says:

    Bountious collection.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Bontif! Plenty of bounty for everyone.


  2. philipparees says:

    A lovely liturgy of finding keeping searching sneezing, and busy busy persistent-bee busy. The pictures were lavish too You are almost as prolific as the summer’s invitation. I have yet to answer it!


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Summer is here! All paths lead there.


      1. philipparees says:

        If you resided in Somerset you might remember cider but still look for summer!


        1. Joe Linker says:

          Ah! Cider in Somerset in summer. Sounds scrumptious.


          1. philipparees says:

            Goes under the name of ‘Scrumpy’! Rough and lethal and turns my mild mannered husband into a prize fighter (in his head). Totally verboten for that reason.


            1. Joe Linker says:

              Recommend something light, a mild Guinness draft, maybe, or a stiff mint tea.


              1. philipparees says:

                Now this is going to be DANGEROUS. In the climate of approved imbibing, or rather restricted consumption to admit my husband tends to avoid anything ‘green’. The Guinness being black is in with a chance, but not ‘mild’ but so full bodied it will float a spoon. He is nearly ninety so there you go, all you vegan minceurs!


              2. Joe Linker says:

                Ah, ha! Cookery! And there’s light poetry versions of meals, low cal poems – no! Give us what “greasy Joan doth keel [in] the pot.”


              3. Joe Linker says:

                Hmm. Good review, and liked the ‘meta-review’ approach, i.e. the review that looks at itself reviewing. I think it’s appropriate to point out that Dawkins is not always about science. I like Mary Midgley’s thinking on the subject. And while we are deluded, we are also diluted – it’s hard for the common reader to keep pace with the specialists. I like Buckminster Fuller’s discussion of mind/brain in his Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth:


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