Summer Notes: 3 – The Morning Nap

Catnap back to wind-sun rush
kick in the eye fire-worked over
street cools quiet hush

Grace comes with natural light
patches of prayer breezes
in the hither and thither
of dry leaves palms up
elbows open
frazzled knees

and a calico cat in green
sky white bells crawls
over out
door cot jumps
through square
of rusted wire fence

Summer dawns
mind full of weeds
with long roots and
the body takes pleasure
in walking the mind



  1. thx for reading and comment, Ashen. the neighborhood was quite loud last night, peaking between 10 and 11. we did not go out into it this year. earlier we had sat in those chairs and played guitars and sang a few songs, acoustic though, so not so loud, but around 10 we found ourselves, windows down for the hot night, surrounded by fireworks, the illegality of many of which seems something of a joke met with a barking shrill laugh. starting a poetry class tonight. maybe i’ll learn something!

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