Nook EveningAnd what he did last just
before his personal power
rose and surged
then tweeted out
was check his e-mail.

“Heaven will be full of spam,”
he decried, “because
everyone wants to be there,
while hell will be whiteout,
an empty inbox.”

“Or the other way around,”
I replied.
“Oh, that’s pithy,” he said.
“And there’s nothing I dislike
more than an epiphany poem.”


      1. Same here! I haven’t been commenting, but I check in on you pretty regularly. One of the few blogs I get by email actually. You are one of the best creative voices out there, Sir. Keep the brilliance up!

  1. My pithy heaven is another’s pithy hell. And they call me ‘pithy” for declaring I don’t give a damn. I wait for the dawn when the pithy wake up to an epiphany and realize heaven and hell both cackle at the white noise blinding our pithy existence. Loved It :)

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