Ticker Tape Sentence

A new sentence, ahoy, begins to move along the horizon, words crossing on the horizon like ticker tape, words like ships at sea, ship-sat sea, a sentence a fleet of words, but quiet, so far out, out to sea, but futile, our following them, their passage, so why not just limit the sentence to one word, a single word, stop, for example, stop these ships before it's too late, before we cross the point of no return, but no, I'm not worried about running on, I'm more concerned with running aground, so I'm running with the wind while the wind's in my sails, running with this new sentence, running with the wind, for a spell, a run-on sentence, tilting and lilting with comma splices, funny term, comma splice, like tacks, like sailing tacks, the comma splice, to cut off, pause, we learned in grade grammar elementary school while the period was a full stop pull over go to sleep, compared to the comma, where you had to leave the car running, riding the clutch (but wait, we didn't drive cars in grade school, can't use that comparison - too late), quick breath, come around, though, we got that, just enough time to glance up, look at the teacher, visage, what was she thinking, and did she have hair under her habit, she had thick bushy black eyebrows, like punctuation marks underscoring the white cardboard starched forehead, big black dashes, but that's to digress, to veer from course, deviation from planned course, stay on tack, on tact, too, and on track, for the railroad is like a run-on sentence, too, too, too, but the run-on sentence is like a chase scene, like a chase at the end of a Keystone Cops adventure, a chase that runs on and runs on, like a run-on sentence, sometimes called a comma splice run-on sentence I should caution good reader there is no end in sight to this run-on sentence, so if there's somewhere you need to be, you might want to mark where you are, just grab a piece of tape, or something, a felt marker, and make a mark on your screen, not a period though, a comma, mark your place, where you are in the sentence, mark the word just above where the little blue bubble marker is now located below this run-on sentence, mark it with a caret, like this ^ or with an upside down y or keep going no reason to stop unless you need to be somewhere but still give them a call, call in, and tell them you are in the middle of a run-on sentence you can see that we are in the middle of this run-on sentence by checking the blue bubble, if the blue bubble is in the middle of the ticker line, then we are midway through this run-on sentence you don't need to mark your screen when you get back just slide the blue bubble over to the middle of the ticker tape-like rectangular oval below the sentence nice feature that blue bubble where I got the idea actually for this run-on sentence thinking why bother having to tab down read down always down the page why not just keep moving sideways this is how new things are invented by questioning the status quo and a book could be written like this why not run the sentence to the end of the page, turn the page, continue sentence on the back side, reach the end again, continue the sentence onto the next page, not down, straight across, until you reach the end of the book, then go back to page one before you tab down to the next row, the next line, and off you go again, until the book is full what would each page read like then a complete surprise futile though the perspicacious reader will note the influence of John Cage here, here on this run-on sentence, so maybe this idea of the ticker tape run-on sentence is somewhat Cagean, but then again, maybe not, maybe Cage has nothing to do with this, but Cage embraced the futile and in doing so crossed the horizon of doubt and I keep coming back to Cage even after all these years and new things to look at and read and listen to, and reading Cage's books, "Silence," for example, or "A Year From Monday," might suggest more ideas for new forms of composition of posts, though Cage preferred the mosaic to the linear the ticker tape sentence (I think the name might stick) is certainly an exercise in linearity if nothing else for it resembles a line, a line sliding, a line of words, sliding horizontally, like ships on a horizon, words like a fleet of ships, ships though that never come any closer, and whose purpose remains, at best, ambiguous, or worse, simply silly, but it takes a long time to stop a ship, and still, there they are, out to sea, floating above the blue bubble in the long oval, and they stay on the horizon, sliding across the horizon until they are out of view and we are left to go our own way.


  1. Joe Linker says:

    Hey, Lisa! Thanks for reading and creative, fun response. Well, working on a sentence is a good way to spend some lunch time.


  2. Lisa Groves says:

    i had fun reading the ticker tape sentence and i did wonder how many words you used but i also wondered how many words i was reading while i kept my eye on the blue bubble though for me it was a small grey rectangle that at first i couldn’t ignore because i was thinking, wow that’s a long way from the end and i wondered how long it was going to take but then i remembered that, even though i’m at work at my desk on my computer, i’m still at lunch and if want to read words on the horizon then that’s what i’m damn well gonna do so once i committed myself to reading the whole thing i was a much happier reader and then i was interrupted by a coworker at my shoulder who wanted to know if the guy downstairs with a package for 370 could get in and a reply was given, my happiness continued as the small grey cursor was not even half way through for, you see, my mouse is programmed so that if you click and hold on an arrow for page reading you can then let go and so after i replied and turned back, as i said, my happiness continued and when it, that it is the cursor, not my happiness, finally did reach the end my eyes went through a period of adjustment that felt like it feels when i’m in my car at an auto car wash, the feeling that my car is moving when it’s not, a feeling i always did like, dizzy and fun and weird and now after writing these 277 plus words, i’m trying to remember what the ticker tape topic was and i remember ships on the horizon, those would be the words i guess and also john cage and so now i google john cage but not now because my lunch break is so over it’s eight minutes past.


  3. I’m suing you for the Carpal Tunnel injury sustained by repeatedly hitting the arrow button.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Oh, that’s good! Well, it’s a ploy, the sentence trap, like an electronic game of some sort. On the MacBook you can try scrolling to the right with two fingers on the mouse-pad, like scrolling down, but move to the right. There’s also a way to click the arrow and have the sentence scroll to the right automatically, all the way to the end, but it moves too fast to read. I’m not sure if there’s a setting to slow it down. Probably not. In another life I might have been a programmer of some sort – probably a good thing not! The ticker tape sentence btw was over 700 words – maybe I overdid it… But thanks for continuing to read stuff here!


  4. Joe Linker says:

    In tense silly.


  5. Dan Hennessy says:

    Interesting . Long . Creative . Somehow intensely annoying . Nice change-up.


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