Coast Road Trip: Sans Pics

A perspicacious reader asked why I haven’t posted any pics from the road trip. I’m working on moving toward a new kind of blog, more like the one I started, back in December of 2007, which contained no pics, just short bursts of writing pleasure. I had in mind the kind of posts the venerableContinue reading “Coast Road Trip: Sans Pics”

SE Portland Triathlon Photo Essay

For the first leg of my triathlon event yesterday, I boarded Line 15 and rode down to the river, disembarking at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge. I sat in the last seat of the bus, in the left corner, with this week’s New Yorker fiction issue. I had read on the bus stopContinue reading “SE Portland Triathlon Photo Essay”

November Day Along the River

How are you? You are how this is too easy a still gift of photographs almost like a real letter. You like flowers, flowers like you, like Peonies, purple green red yellow mopped hair Marigolds, red orange bites Red geraniums in a real clay pot and those little white hanging threading flowers, I don’t knowContinue reading “November Day Along the River”