Penina’s Letters & Other Books

“Penina’s Letters” follows the recently discharged Salty Persequi returning from war to the girl he left behind on the beach in Santa Monica Bay. Draft segments of “Penina’s Letters” appeared in The Boulevard (Summer 2012), a publication of the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters. Parts of the “How to Surf” chapter appeared in different form on Berfrois on April 29, 2016. Another excerpt appeared in Cosmopolitan Hotel Cairo on April 24, 2016.

Penina and Salty return to Refugio, a fictional beach town on Santa Monica Bay, in “Coconut Oil,” a sequel to “Penina’s Letters.” Themes include aging, housing and homelessness, gentrification, and how we occupy ourselves over time.

Common keyboard signs and punctuation marks become characters in this experimental children’s book for readers of all ages. Scamble and Cramble are two cats observing, interpreting, and commenting on daily events.

“Saltwort” is a collection of selected poetical writings from 1967 thru 2017. Forward by Salvador Persequi. Includes 109 pieces.

Alma Lolloon is writing a book about her five husbands, and she reads installments of her work in progress to her surprised knitting group. The group’s boisterous feedback influences Alma’s writing as she tells her story from childhood to old age, improvising to find her pitch and style.

end tatters: Short essays, fiction, and poems. New and Collected Writing.

“Li Po’s Restless Night” includes 101 original variations on a theme of Chinese poet Li Po, with an explanatory personal essay: “Florence and Li Po.”

Part human, part deity, the working gods are restless, and one wants out. Episodes of a god on the run. “Inventories” first appeared at The Coming of the Toads, over several months in 2020, a quarantine exercise. Text revised for the book publication first edition.

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