bubble bath
Bubble Bath





soup paint

poem with green dots


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Late for Latte
Late for latte.

Scamble and Cramble Poetry Episode



Scamble & Cramble Run for Office 1





two hep cats facebook episode



Growler Episode

In Passing


The Adventures of Scamble and Cramble, Two Hep Cats


Bad Cat Post Holiday Blues


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Cats Lava Lamp

Two Hep Cats Plan Their Day


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Questions Before Going Out: Scamble - I'm in here! Are you going to wear that tie with that shirt? What time does the bus come? Do I have time to paint my nails? Do you think any mice will be at the party? Did Jack and Esme find a kittysitter? Have you seen my claw sharpener? Can you change the litter before we leave? I love coming home to a clean litter box. Did you notice how I put that in the affirmative? Cramble: Do I have time for a nap?

A walk with cell phone

The Myth of Syllabus

Point of View

Dancers with Band The Touch Yous 2




City Life


The Dean's Ties

Manhattan Beach Pier, South Santa Monica Bay

Three for Flannery The Assumption: A Graphic Post

Sun Over House by Francine
We’re in primary school art class, where the students have been told to draw a picture of a house. “What’s this?” Missus Portmanteau, Francine’s art teacher, asks, pointing to the big red circle in the sky. “It looks like a big rock is about to fall on your house.” Francine is nonplussed in the face of a teacher who doesn’t recognize the sun. “The sun,” Francine explains. “The sun isn’t that big,” Missus Portmanteau says, and enters a note in her red book.
The following week in art class, Francine draws a bigger house. “What’s that?” Missus Portmanteau asks Francine, pointing at the orange and red circles over Francine’s house. “Mister Sapidot [science teacher] said the sun spins,” Francine answers. “Your sun is too big, your house too small.” Francine feels like the rock has fallen on her house.
Someone is Taking a Nap
“Now what?” Missus Portmanteau asks. “Someone is taking a nap,” Francine says. Missus Portmanteau doesn’t say anything, but she makes a firm mark in her red book with a red pen.
Teacher's Reality
It’s the final art class before summer vacation. Francine’s father has promised a special surprise if her report card looks good. This week, she nails the art project. Francine has learned that to do good in school and please her father she must conform to her teacher’s view of reality.

Easter Eggs 2014

Cat SettingsUser Names


FavoritesHow Others Saw Them

Their Personalities

How They Saw Saw Themselves

They Continued to Cross Paths. The End

At the Beach with Peepa and Moopa

Meet Peepa ‘ and Moopa ‘`

They like to play on the beach

The waves are pipes made from sea foam ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The lifeguard looks like

?{   Alfred Hitchcock with a pipe   ~{

Peepa jumps off the end of El Porto pipe pier ‘~~~

—|—|—|—|—‘`~~~ Moopa jumps kilter and akimbo

|’——–~~~ Peepa runs and dives |——–‘~~~

\~~~~~~’~~~’`~~~ They swim back to shore

In the evening when the sun goes down ~~~,~~~

they sleep on the beach and dream of waves

‘` ‘    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~’~ sleepy wave eyes ~’`~

Peepa walks alone down to the water  ‘ \ ~~~

Moopa awakes and cries ‘` Peepa, where are you?

Peepa comes running back to Moopa  ‘`   ‘    \~~~

Self Portrait

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