In Print: “End Tatters”

“Do you want this book published,’ he asked, ‘or just printed?” Said Angus Cameron (editor at Little, Brown) to J. D. Salinger upon learning Salinger wanted no advertising of his forthcoming “The Catcher in the Rye.” Particularly, and peculiarly, from the publisher’s viewpoint, J. D. wanted no author’s photo on the cover (Ian Hamilton, InContinue reading “In Print: “End Tatters””


All advertisement is argument. We start arguments when we say something and we know someone will disagree. Happens all the time. We are never safe from disagreement. If you say, “The sun rises in the east,” you might think you’d be safe from argument. But an astrophysicist listening in might say the sun does notContinue reading “Advertisement”

Sidewalk Cafe Table Paper Napkin Poems

Afternoon walk close in and find a cafe with sidewalk tables to sit out with an espresso, on watch and wait. Wait for some light that might soon start to seep through a cracked world. World War II and the Nazi army advances on Paris. You can hear artillery fluster the banlieues. Do you tryContinue reading “Sidewalk Cafe Table Paper Napkin Poems”