Clips of the Eclipse



  1. bristlehound says:

    Nice work Joe.
    Must have been a frantic pace to get all of the shots in before sol moved on.
    I can’t stop thinking of “The Freak” by Ray Stevens :- “Don’t look Ethel- too late”.B

    1. Joe Linker says:

      One year, we drove over with my young daughter to visit the Rhododendron Gardens, it being Spring, and flowers in full bloom. The Rhodi Garden is across from the hilly side of Reed College, where, unbeknownst to us, the students roll out a giant slip’n’slide down one of the hills, as an annual tradition, and slide down it, and walk back up the hill for another ride, in, as the saying goes, the nude. We rounded the corner into the West Reed parking lot and I said to Em, my daughter, “Look, Em, the kids have a giant slip and slide out!” “Don’t look,” Susan said, as the co-ed slip’n’slide in the nude came into focus. “Oh, she can look,” I said to Susan. “Not her,” Susan said. “You don’t look.” The zone of totality lasted but a minute or two as we disembarked for the Gardens.

      1. bristlehound says:

        Meant “The Streak” of course not “Freak”.
        My son on his maiden visit to Germany encountered bike-riding “Nudes”. Hasn’t been the same since.
        Had he been been given a heads-up by someone as caring as your Susan, he may have avoided such a sight.
        Certainly both the eclipse and the streak have the potential to burn the eyes and yet carry with them a wanton desire to understand one’s outer limits.B

          1. bristlehound says:

            Upon review – no!
            Portland ( your home town ?) looks to have it’s own version of “Tour de France” – “Tour de Nude”.
            The moon causes blackness about – there can be no light.B

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