No Vacancy Next Exit Yield Yellow Curves Ahead Jesus Saves 20 is Plenty Men Working Wrong Way Slow Down Beach Turnout R R Trucks Surf’s Up No U-Turn Warning Coming Merge Living Together Dinosaur Crossing Strong Odor Theatre No Syntax Call Mother Footnotes Wait Here Boiler Room Home Economics Pool Skid Row Lemonade Hardware Look […]

Delete City

Welcome to Delete  City Without a Past Population: Zero. Your drive thru will be deleted upon Exit. But the place is bustling with buskers and hawkers walkers and tricksters, Bills and Hanks, Waynes and Millys, Saras and Dolittles, venues to eat, drink, shop til you drop, but No Accumulating.  Tune to KDEL for the latest […]

Behind the Facades

Perhaps symbols have some meaning after all; otherwise, why bother trying to erase them? But if the symbol is a mask for a truth, why can’t the truth speak for itself? We all have a particular picture of ourselves, seldom the same picture others have of us. This seems true even with intimate relationships, long […]

Virtually Nowhere

Writing for the New York Times Sunday edition for June 28, California veteran-reporter Shawn Hubler, reporting from Davis, California, on the ghost town effect Covid-19 is bringing to college towns across the country, and wandering around the abandoned town UC Davis keeps flush, notes, apparently sans irony: “Outside the closed theater, a lone busker stood […]