Psychosomatic foghorn earborn earworms!

“I see you and Joe finished that book on mistakes. Was it good?” “Joe posted some notes to his blog.” “Did anyone read that post? I noticed he got no likes or comments.” “To be a blogger is to go unread as no author dare go unread.” “What?” “Never mind.” “So what are you reading … Continue reading Psychosomatic foghorn earborn earworms!

Common Earworm Remedies and the Mutant Earworm

Thanks a compost heap to the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg (April, 2011) for re-infecting readers with a term we already could not forget – earworms. Earworms are snippets of jingles or songs that unwanted, uninvited, and unannounced crash the polite party of our otherwise peaceful thoughts. We now have a mutant version that has crawled through … Continue reading Common Earworm Remedies and the Mutant Earworm