Notes Number 5: Smells Like Berfrois Spirit

Nevermind, I’m already 10 minutes late for my appointed volunteer shift at the Portland Convention Center to help out at AWP19. Turns out even 11:30 am too early for this old kid to gig. I hope my unexcused absence doesn’t reflect too poorly on my literary reputaughtshun. But I will use the time though, lookingContinue reading “Notes Number 5: Smells Like Berfrois Spirit”

Ires & Ears & Reader Satisfaction Survey

Instructions: Read each row left to right, then, in each empty cell in the first column, insert a word that irks you. In the corresponding empty cell in the far right column, insert your irky word’s opposite. If you can’t think of a word that irks you, insert a word that feels good to yourContinue reading “Ires & Ears & Reader Satisfaction Survey”

Psychosomatic foghorn earborn earworms!

“I see you and Joe finished that book on mistakes. Was it good?” “Joe posted some notes to his blog.” “Did anyone read that post? I noticed he got no likes or comments.” “To be a blogger is to go unread as no author dare go unread.” “What?” “Never mind.” “So what are you readingContinue reading “Psychosomatic foghorn earborn earworms!”

Common Earworm Remedies and the Mutant Earworm

Thanks a compost heap to the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg (April, 2011) for re-infecting readers with a term we already could not forget – earworms. Earworms are snippets of jingles or songs that unwanted, uninvited, and unannounced crash the polite party of our otherwise peaceful thoughts. We now have a mutant version that has crawled throughContinue reading “Common Earworm Remedies and the Mutant Earworm”