Notes Number 5: Smells Like Berfrois Spirit

Nevermind, I’m already 10 minutes late for my appointed volunteer shift at the Portland Convention Center to help out at AWP19. Turns out even 11:30 am too early for this old kid to gig. I hope my unexcused absence doesn’t reflect too poorly on my literary reputaughtshun. But I will use the time though, lookingContinue reading “Notes Number 5: Smells Like Berfrois Spirit”


“There are no aesthetic emergencies,” John Cage said, in A Year From Monday (1969, p. 28). Above that, same page, Cage typed: “Complaint: you open doors; what we want to know is which ones you close. (Doors I open close auto- matically after I go through).” Later, on page 30, Cage gets to a point: “What is theContinue reading “HAPPY NEW EARS!”