Around the point at high tide

…picking up somewhere we left off… The past is not enough to live on to make ends meet. what test passed avoids stays to wheedle this incessant urge past the tinnitus still sings proof below like wave bounce go easy under the sheer cliff and around the mossy point to the bay where the dolphinsContinue reading “Around the point at high tide”

To Whom It May Concern: An Invitation to Silence and Composition

John Cage dedicated his lectures and writing collected in Silence “To Whom It May Concern.” As it turns out, it concerns everyone, though most of us do our utmost to ignore it. Yet Silence is still in print, and the amorphous, variable audience Cage invoked in his dedication continues to grow. But if we can’t ask anythingContinue reading “To Whom It May Concern: An Invitation to Silence and Composition”