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    1. A darting fear — a pomp — a tear —
      A waking on a morn
      To find that what one waked for,
      Inhales the different dawn.

      Emily Dickinson

      Ah, yes! The pompous tomato
      & the cocksure pepper
      that last night our eyes did blind
      this morning awake
      in a bird’s beak –
      & a dash of ruffled feathers.

  1. I want to do this with my class. Way to incorporate hands on learning, food, fun, art and storytelling into writing!

    1. Yes, absolutely. You could experiment with all kinds of food. Last year, I volunteered to do an art project with a K class. We had gone on a field tip to the local zoo, and the project involved bear habitats. We used potatoes, cut in half, into which I had carved bear claws in relief. We dipped the potato bear claws into tempera paints (multiple color choices), and made bear tracks across large sheets of paper to which we added drawings, writing, and magazine photo cuttings to complete the habitat. I had not thought of that project with the tomatoes and peppers until reading your comment. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Check with yr local grocery to see if they are discarding unsold product.

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