1. Hey this answers my IG question that I posed. Thank you and very cool.

    1. Joe Linker says:

      What’s an IG question?

    2. Joe Linker says:

      OK, retrieved the question. Ans: “Memo” phone app., which has a “drawing” option. Finger/thumb stylus. The rest is doodling.

  2. bristlehound says:

    Your contemporary David Hockney would be pleased Joe.
    Wonderful to think of the advancements made in such a small period of time.B

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thx, B. I like David Hockney. For a time I thought he was Californian, for the swimming pools and palm trees, but, like the palm trees, he was actually transplanted there. … Maybe for a future post, but what is an artist when that artist now has a grand office on Santa Monica Blvd and palatial residences all around. He seems a generous man though and remarkably “normal” for an artist – by which I mean not self-destructive. Of course, one need not be an artist to be self-destructive. He’s been a non-specialist as an artist, in terms of forms he’s worked with. An innovator. I didn’t know he was using a pad at some point for eDrawing. I’ve been using my thumb and fingers, my hands, which I’ve also done with paint on canvas (I think that’s called finger painting when done by a kid!).

      1. bristlehound says:

        David Hockney is on exhibition here in Melbourne presently and I am still trying to see his latest. He is certainly un-afraid of innovation.
        I may direct you to a documentary I saw recently also. I believe it was titled “Tim’s Vermeer”. It was under the banner of “Penn &Teller” (magicians/comedians) and a friend by the name of Tim.
        Tim was recreating a scene in 3D of a Vermeer painting and it dealt with perspective and detail (naturally).
        The doco had much about it, but as the interest turned to the use of technology (enter D.Hockney) it exposed the advanced utilisation of technology by early early artists such as Vermeer.
        It does bring up the old argument of whether it is “real art” if technology is involved and places the judgement squarely on the shoulders of anybody thinking technology was not used in years prior to the introduction of iPads.
        Yours in doodling.

        1. Joe Linker says:

          Yes! I saw “Tim’s Vermeer.” Very interesting. Intricate to the 9th degree. Much patience needed. McLuhan’s idea was technology is an extension of the senses (bicycles for legs, glasses for eyes, computer for central nervous system, etc.). In that context, art might itself be a technology, but if so, an extension of what?

          1. bristlehound says:

            I guess art is a technology now and has always been. In the conceptualisation of ideas and where the idea is to materialise, art is the pivotal technology in bringing about clarity and acting as a conduit.
            Fascinating topic.

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Ah! Thx. Will have to look back and see what you asked!?! Don’t remember. Instaforget!

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