Packsaddle Off

what is this sound sprinkling glow
yellow doilies weaving thru blue
fescue glass chandelier worm atrium
air city surf gas soup & jazz salad

sitting under dwarf apple waiting,
waiting, wanting nothing save
green this wait as Thoreau’s
Wangle Dangle backyard rhetoric

drinking can of Okanagan
Spring: “natural, simple, & pure”
pale ale & all bronze
gone Henry’s lawn

this dog’s lair
cut once a year
then go to seed
rampant & wild
tainted ear

so much depends upon so little
take this green garden wagon
for example
go on, take it, really take it
grab the handle and pull
you’ll see the wagon is full
of ripe red tomatoes
kids’ toys
bucket of finished garlic
bowl of basil & cilantro
some zinnias to dry inside

there’s no one in that pink
ceramic bird house hanging
from the golden rain
tree imagine living
there your nest
waiting for your mate
come home yr turn
go to store & supper

you call the kids
Caw! Caw!
& they call back
Not Yet! Not Yet!
Summer! Summer!

a cloud like a clown down
pillow on clean blue sheet
perhaps it will drop a load
somewhere near soon &
sweep weep sleep deep


  1. bristlehound says:

    Hi! Joe
    Calling the kids ‘Caw caw’ – a mother’s plea.
    Was that a ‘Red wheelbarrow’?

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Hey, B! Nice to hear from you again. Yes, it was a red wheelbarrow, but here it’s morphed into a green wagon. “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity,” Thoreau said, not so rhetorically simply.

      1. bristlehound says:

        Ah! Morphemes. Where would a red wheel barrow be with out?

        1. Joe Linker says:

          suddenly comes to me, you are in winter, not summer! hope all’s well down under…

          1. bristlehound says:

            Joe, 3*C and about to snow.
            A long way from the lazy,hazy days of summer.
            It seems our lives here are battling the elements and fighting for housing space with the possums.

            1. Joe Linker says:

              I shld pay more attention. Heat wave here these last two weeks, subsiding somewhat now. Hopefully you can find some enjoyment in the snow. Could use some snow here at this point and time!

  2. Ashen says:

    Fun rolling from the tongue …
    And good to have B re-appear.

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Yes, B in the middle of winter
      out of retirement!
      While I tongue torqued
      try the blog for some spark.

  3. philipparees says:

    For some reason this reminded me of Hopkins, especially the last verse.

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Well, he’s good company.

      1. philipparees says:

        For me, I think, the best! Just for the rolling of the tongue and the extraction of something from sound alone. Meaning and sound both entwined in the happenstance of rhythm and alliteration. Considered very unfashionable these days by the poetry police!

        1. Joe Linker says:

          “shook foil…ooze of oil”
          sense grows from sound

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