The Pine Jay the Scree of the Mock Orange

Still LifeThe cryptic cat her cautious criticism
of the green salsa garden plot proffers:

“Are you a nested poet, then?”
the hoity-toity cat simply asks.

“I have my cri cri critics,”
the Pine Jay stutters,

pouring herself another glass
of mock orange soda syrah.

“Are you going to mix
silver with orange, then?” asks the cat.

“I would rather arrange the orange
against this blue windswept evening.”

“That would encourage a paraorange
gown,” cynically suggests the cat.

“Scr scr scree!” the Pine Jay screes,
her voice trailing off like a jet’s vapor.

“Mock, mock!” the cat converses,
though alone now. “I never did like orange peel.”

Published by

Joe Linker

"The Coming of the Toads" by Joe Linker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, and Copyright 2007-2020 Joe Linker - author of "Penina's Letters," "Coconut Oil," "Scamble and Cramble: Two Hep Cats and Other Tall Tales," "Saltwort," "Alma Lolloon," and "end tatters."

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