An Imperfect Imposition

An Imperfect Imposition   Gloss
He goat a haircute,   “Beware enterprises
molted a shive,   that require
and emptoed the moot.   new clothes.”
He out cast the let   Ruined good tune,
down at sup-a-dup   raised to put
and unvaled a crune,   bread on table.
frumpted and follying,   Commuters fly
and clutched the rolled,   in wingtips aspire
acrested the abridged am-this   cross closed bridges.
Daddy-Oh! Pater-pitter-patter Ah, familiar
potairy, roong froom the Gin-is-is in joy of brewcrew
hisses Ink Pour Age.   song of a pint.
He rit the hoad alt coomed,   [Readers
sweeat urned his id,   may reply
and snoozled wths sapoozed.   below.]
Hairfigged fitted, compred wronged, All quiet
he wroted, a temptwitted,   on the worsted
but ownlie slylents twas loosening, font.
ands the suns downsed and moons Only a real fool
arowsis a crewised shell fellowing ignores the full
pips sillied byburds.   loon.
Sorry to impose like this is the poet Where should it go:
speaking, but have you a place for thes Recycling, Compost,
amythidst your these is?   or Garbage?
Supposing posing, oh, posing:   Climbing
“I am positioned,” the imposing the corpus
poet posited, “I am composed.” ladder.
Nonesuchofwhich off course   Maybe end
was teachno techno blareney,   with the “byburds”?
steel eye as I am I am postplus. Too late now?
Owl duedew uandeye goal   Reading kicker
quickwick of it?   position player
Illklicked ear, wellclick thr.   diversion.


  1. bristlehound says:

    I have been sitting on ‘An Imperfect Imposition’ and have had to resort to code-breakers long retired, to decipher its meaning. It seems to tell a story of the mundane yet productive day of a housekeeper, or perhaps the potential destruction of a vital bridge passaging foot brigades to a favourite fishing and camping area. No really, Joe this gave me hours of fun. I sought out a CD once purchased after I had witnessed a folk singer. His name is Martin Pearson and he is amusing and sometimes in tune. He writes some of his work and sings some traditional songs. One of his songs ‘The Word Museum Song’ is based on previously utilised words, now sounding quite silly. His lyrics string together some very funny older words and some ghastly big current words. He goes on to give a rendition of the spoonerisms in Rindecella and before it beginning, asks that we ‘Glaise our Asses’ in celebration.
    The idea of a word museum is what really attracts me.B


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Sometimes in tune“: If ever to put out a book of poems, that just might should be the title. First learned, btw, of “spoonerism” from 8th grade teacher, Reverend Mother Mary Annette, may Bod Gless ser Houl. Liked “Mrs. Thomas” post. Aside from literal meaning, speaks to secret life of things, objects, paintings, windows into a world not often watched back.


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