Dawdle Doodle Diary: Spring Fashions and Other Caution Signs

Spring slowly sprung the environs plush with dawdle walks and doodle weeds, tweets and posts poking up in the usual spaces, out of concrete poetry cracks, but in the midst of this year’s annual rush for life we were learning to breathe. Spring is just such the perfect answer to winter, one wonders shouldn’t one’sContinue reading “Dawdle Doodle Diary: Spring Fashions and Other Caution Signs”

An Imperfect Imposition

An Imperfect Imposition   Gloss         He goat a haircute,   “Beware enterprises molted a shive,   that require and emptoed the moot.   new clothes.”         He out cast the let   Ruined good tune, down at sup-a-dup   raised to put and unvaled a crune,   breadContinue reading “An Imperfect Imposition”