X thinks Y imperfect.

Y thinks X exaggerates.

X tells Y, “Why can’t you be more like me?”

Y replies, “You have no balance. You don’t know how to share. Life is a teeter-totter.”

“I’m walking down to the tavern for a beer and some darts. Want to come?” X asks.

“I think I’ll stay here and practice yodeling and yoga,” Y says.

Y                                   Y = Light
           _                        /\ = Teeter-Totter
           /\ _
                          X         X = Heavy


    1. Yes, Geannie, finding balance, keeping balance, losing balance, regaining balance…. I remember a time when as a kid we used to stand on the teeter-totter (we called it a see-saw), and walk the board up and down, deliberately creating as much imbalance as we could. Or we’d find just the right balance, keeping the board horizontal as long as we could.

  1. Reminds me of something my mentor once said (a Sufi teacher who died in 1990.)
    ‘We’re not here to agree with each other. We’re here to create beauty.’

    1. Had a classical guitar instructor back in early 80’s, was fond of Sufi quotes. I was playing at the time a cheap, take to the beach guitar. He encouraged me to sell all my cheap guitars and buy something playable and responsive that held the sound, and he said, we play instruments to make music. I still have the guitar, though I’ve lost some of the music he taught me.

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