“Bury My Heart in the Muddy Mississippi”

Dancers with Band The Touch Yous

“Bury My Heart in the Muddy Mississippi”
A Country Music song
Guitar Chords: GAD

(Slow intro with a little lilt)
G                             A
I took my girl to the Friday night dance,
D                                 G
But she said, “I really don’t like to dance.”

(Lively now)
(G) Then some handsome fella
with the (A) swagger of Godzilla,
(D) asked her do you wanna (G) dance,
(G) and the next thing I knew
(A) away they flew.
(D) He’s got her in a (G) trance.

G                          A
Hey, Baby, don’t drive me crazy,
D                                                      G
I thought you said you didn’t like to dance.
G                                        A
Well, bury my heart in the muddy Mississippi,
D                                                      G
I thought she said she didn’t like to dance.

So I walked on down and I put my money down
On the counter of the mausoleum,
And I asked the mortician how much it cost to die
But he said I was a buck too short.

Repeat Chorus

Late one night I was stopped at a light,
Revvin’ up my hot rod Ford.
Along comes a Chevy, at the wheel’s my Baby,
Askin’ do I wanna dance.
I took her off the line, pink slips on a dime,
And the rest I’m happy to tell.
The moral of this story,
The letter of this tale (D – G…)

Repeat Chorus


  1. Your stick-people are brilliantly electrified. And the song – a lovely muddy rock..


    1. Joe Linker says:

      The stick-people are much younger than the song. We were listening to some country music radio stations yesterday, and Susan said country was a different world, and I said yeah you can hear the lyrics, for one thing.


  2. Dan Hennessy says:

    Great drawing .
    Let us read and let us dance — two amusements that will never do any harm to the world .———-Voltaire


    1. Joe Linker says:

      My father was an accomplished dancer. Imagine that, the dancing plumber. Must find a pic of him dancing with my mom and maybe post it or send it your way. I can’t dance. I can rock and roll, jazz with the best, but I can’t dance. Even took a lesson or two, over at the ballroom.


      1. Would love to see that picture! Meanwhile, I’ll play this.


        1. Joe Linker says:

          Charles, Can you record a version and put it up on your YouTube channel?


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