Choice. Happy and peaceful. Love. Blurb.

We can’t choose to be happy, but we can choose to be peaceful. We can’t choose to be loved, but we can choose to love. We don’t need sacrifice, but we are able to choose altruistic behavior. Life is not a blurb. Just so, the gods are not mobsters, nor do they emerge ever as a rabble or a swarm. Gods sometimes work together, as Sylvie and I do, but most remain independent, and of these, many are often rapscallions, attempting to escape the grace of the father or mother. Grace is not always a party calling, grace being what one needs, not necessarily what one wants. We can’t choose to be gods, and we can’t ignore them if we don’t know where they hang out. We enjoy the gods at our own risk.

is episode 8 of
Ball Lightning
a Novel in Progress
in Serial Format at The Coming of the Toads


  1. How might one choose among an infinity of choices?

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  2. Voice of the Greek chorus ?

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Voice of the Turtle.


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