The Good Earth

Let’s make our planet good again
think pigeons their T Rex origin.

Oh wings of flesh and steel to fly
you must first grow feathers.

What cares the sloth slug squished
by dino or sprayed with Ortho?

As for Anthro won’t he be petrified
up to his waste in his own coprolite?

Rid us our original sins
let us be innocent again.

Imagine no water no fire no air
worse called in sick your au pair.

Earth responds ever was I a grand hotel
now is checkout time fare-thee-well.

The Good Earth


  1. Dan Hen says:

    “Walt Ginsburg Woodrow Guthrie stuff” , said Langston Hughes to his aupair who was spraying the garden and smoking unfiltered Camels , as usual. ” Get Bobby Frost on the phone or that Dickinson chick “.
    “They’ll never call back , ” she said .
    ” Then get me some paper ,” he said.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      …and the Doodles on the radio just before the power goes out.


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