Free Words (some assembly required)

not spoken words
not hidden words
not hearded words

dug words
fished words
sifted words

surfed words
combed words
well travelled words

free words on
the sidewalk
skipped by

letters spewed
like weed seeds
across a manicured

lawn as solid green
as the village scene
where words score

sales counts
remaindered words
recycled words

composted words
buried words
words love lost

lost and found
words washed
up on a beach

words gargled
words swallowed
words repurposed

words typed
words scratched
words fallen

from the sky
like manna
made into beer

words loaded
words emptied
words cooked

words eaten
words wiped

as tables
freshly set
with white tablecloths

words waiting
words walking

whispered remarks
“Shall I hear no more?”

(note: written while reading
noT wriTTen words
by Xi Xi, trans. Jennifer Feeley,
Zephyr Press, 2016.)


  1. come on little words
    get in line or you’ll fall off
    the cliff into the ocean
    … but we long to swim
    the words drown laughing
    … fish us out again
    when we’ll rise with the next swell
    then track your new song

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      In the beginning was the fish.


  2. From a prayer by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

    … Let thy wish become my desire
    Let thy will become my deed
    Let thy word become my speech beloved
    Let thy love become my creed …

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  3. Words on the wind….

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Words like rain. Eords rords.


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