One Page Guitar Scales and Chords

There are of course already a near infinite number of guitar fretboard studies available, and scads of 5,000 Guitar Chords and Scale books. What’s unique about this spreadsheet I put together is that it’s a one page reference. It helps if you first memorize the fretboard notes, but from there the “number system,” probably a simplification of the “Nashville system,” provides an efficient map for chord and scale fingering possibilities. I also wanted to learn how to attach a .pdf file to the blog. Click link below and check it out.

One Page Guitar Scales and Chords



  1. Gosh, over my head, I but I’ll forward the spreadsheet to someone who may know how to use it.

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      The risk in this sort of thing (the spreadsheet, analysis, etc.) is that it’s probably better just to play, to internalize the information, in your fingers!


  2. if ever i pick up my guitar again…great work!

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      It’s best to leave it out, pick it up as you walk by, a few minutes, don’t expect too much.

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