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C comes to close,
chimes, “Oh! Hello,”
and commences
to catch water,

waiting for the ferry,
then the crossing,
and the long cruise
back to the city.

A bald eagle floats,
driftwood across the cant
tilt and lilt of the wharf:
tackle shops and taverns.

“Sure,” C says, though
sounds disappointed,
cooped up in Coupeville
open mouthed, chip

on shoulder shooting pool:
“7 ball, side pocket,”
but clips the cue
ball curling.

“A difficult shape,
a hard cut,
to make sense of,”
C says, scanning
sound’s mirror,
ceiling reflecting cold water.

Another crew of sailors
occupies the tavern,
drinking to a mate’s
“Here’s to Carl,”
amidst a cheer
and a clap.

C looks around,
fails to see
any circular irony.


  1. Love it. Made me pick out all the C words :)
    C – comes – close – chimes – commences – catch – crossing – cruise – city – cant – C – cooped – Coupeville – chip – clips – cue – curling – cut – C – scanning – ceiling – cold – crew – Carl – clap – C – circular


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Very cool. I wonder if I should change “side pocket” to “corner pocket”? Will have to think about that. I think I might have gone with side instead of corner because side has the soft c name sound.


      1. … on shoulder shooting pool:
        “7 ball, side pocket,
        but clips the cue
        ball curling …

        side pocket chimes better


        1. Joe Linker says:

          And it’s often the more difficult shot. “chimes” – good one!


  2. Lovely visual word play.


  3. razzaq77 says:

    vivid!. nice flow :)


  4. This is a very quirky piece. (-: I like it.


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