On Letting My Hair Grow

I’m letting my hair grow. It’s starting to snow. Nothing to be done, Estragon fond. “Now I’m a donor,” I told Susan, “on the recent license renewal.” “They’ll take your anatomical hair,” she said, the young one at the Department of Motor Vehicles: “On your license, be a donor?” she asked me. “Sure, and whyContinue reading “On Letting My Hair Grow”

The Forest, the Haircut, the Pothole, and the Hedgehog

Comic book characters are often unreal, fantastic, hyperbolic distortions of people. But the exaggeration may work like an X-ray, revealing the inner monster, or showing some virtual reality, or uncovering a facsimile of truth or beauty. The cartoon form exaggerates features, of a landscape, an idea, a face, enabling the author to make fun of someContinue reading “The Forest, the Haircut, the Pothole, and the Hedgehog”

Beehive Hairdo Bun Doodle; or, Tunnel Window

Friedrich Durrenmatt’s short story “The Tunnel” concerns a young man, a student, on a train, commuting to school. The train enters a long tunnel, longer than the student recalls from previous trips along the same route. The student smokes cigars, stuffs his ears with cotton, his head in a book, and he’s wearing double glasses, clearContinue reading “Beehive Hairdo Bun Doodle; or, Tunnel Window”