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Still Life

If Dad was usually on bad terms with cars, Mom had little to do with them. She never drove, never learned to drive a car, was never licensed, never carried any kind of personal identification – more remarkable since we lived in a suburban Los Angeles area, one of the beach cities, but west of […]


According to Google Ngram, use of the word reassessment peaks around 1990, a climb beginning in the 20s, rarely used prior to 1900. We suspect what’s driving that curve are real estate markets. But to reassess is still relevant to publications, which is to say, books will go out of print, magazines fold, newspapers disappear […]

Insect Us

The bed cuts in two below the double hung window a winged grass summer recruited fellow enters follows hollows spends the sun day in tiered bell bottom cuffs. The light suspended night emerges sounds now audible flushes waterflow distances scratched glasses niblings windowsill paint flakes scent trail antennae erect. Crawling to the bed an 18 […]


My Dad was never on very friendly terms with cars. “It feels like it ain’t gettin’ no gas,” he explained to Jack, the mechanic on duty in greasy overalls. The loaner, a loner, sat in the backlot behind the filling station, unfulfilled, a rusty old dog, for days, sometimes weeks, until an overnight repair required […]


No Vacancy Next Exit Yield Yellow Curves Ahead Jesus Saves 20 is Plenty Men Working Wrong Way Slow Down Beach Turnout R R Trucks Surf’s Up No U-Turn Warning Coming Merge Living Together Dinosaur Crossing Strong Odor Theatre No Syntax Call Mother Footnotes Wait Here Boiler Room Home Economics Pool Skid Row Lemonade Hardware Look […]

Delete City

Welcome to Delete  City Without a Past Population: Zero. Your drive thru will be deleted upon Exit. But the place is bustling with buskers and hawkers walkers and tricksters, Bills and Hanks, Waynes and Millys, Saras and Dolittles, venues to eat, drink, shop til you drop, but No Accumulating.  Tune to KDEL for the latest […]