Verlyn Klinkenborg: “Several short sentences about writing”

In the beginning was the word, and the word was a sentence. And the sentence was an assignment. And the assignment broiled in the brain, that alchemical brewpub of doubt. A devil came near, cooing, “Plagiarize, my dear; allow me to serve the sentence for you.” A good angel appeared: “Depart, ye fiends of papers […]

A Pith Zany

And what he did last just before his personal power rose and surged then tweeted out was check his e-mail. “Heaven will be full of spam,” he decried, “because everyone wants to be there, while hell will be whiteout, an empty inbox.” “Or the other way around,” I replied. “Oh, that’s pithy,” he said. “And […]

Plumbing & Writing: A Review of the Literature (at the Toads)

One of these days, I’ll craft a post equal to one of my Dad’s plumbing jobs. Meantime, here are a few past posts that mention the improbable connection between writing and plumbing: Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life E. B. White and the Plumber The Elite and the Effete: From Access to Egress A Portrait of […]

New Excerpt from “Penina’s Letters” at the Boulevard

An excerpt from Chapter Six, “Light and Sculpture from a Surfboard on Santa Monica Bay,” from the novel Penina’s Letters, is now up in Issue # 5: Special Issue: Liberation, of The Boulevard, a publication of the Attic Institute. Related Posts: Penina’s Letters at The Boulevard. “Penina’s Letters”: Hawthorne Fellows at the Attic Institute.