Salad Days

Lettuce make someone happy      souperfied.         Greens and reds     raised and cooked      in summer sun.         Old gourd melon face      turn round      and around.         Squash      straighten out      cute little zucchinis.         Carrot tops      fuzzy green      pointing      poking.         Turnip cold heart      don’t be rutabaga.         Radish reaction      thistle never do.         Wilt    silly    salty    pinch    potato eyes.         Watching.     Asparagus more of this stuff.         Spears      dollups     thin slices of pink water.         Peas take your jackets off and stay awhile.         Ouch cucumber splinter onion oils mix.         Tear drops      sea salt      keeping with tradition.         Corn      fits in hand      like a hammer handle.         Colorful beans      leggy for you and me.         Chives purple heads and slippery mushrooms.        Tomato baseball radio garlic.         Bread      olive oil      hot  green  jalapeno.         Pepper corn      and squeeze curve of lemony         raspberry wild balsamic vinegar.         Tossen flip      thistle make summerone happy.