Two Hep Cats and the UFO

Two Hep Cats and the UFO
Two Hep Cats and the UFO
2 Hep Cats and UFOs 2
Did you happen to see a UFO in the backyard last night? No. No UFO’s on my watch. You see some strange things in Joe’s backyard some nights. You were probably just imagining things. What was it like? It looked like it was trying to suck the litter out of my litter box. Dreadful. Yeah. Scary stuff. Be wary. Ever vigilant!
2 Hep Cats and UFOs 3
Odd, though. I thought I saw a UFO hovering over my kitty litter box. What did you do? I hissed. And the UFO? It flew off, as quiet as a bird, and a fog descended. I think you’ve been reading too much poetry. Possibly.
UFOs 1
You thought I was just joking around?